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Viral: Mosquitos having sex on the beach

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Brazilian advertising agency named Escala, have sent us funny case they are living this days.

They have launched a public service viral campaign for one of their clients - the government of the Brazil-, and have got something around 600.000 total views up til now.
They've made a commercial which only aired on the web (on You Tube and Google Video), created for the Health Secretary of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.
Film is actually a parody of an existing video made by some paparazzi also aired on You Tube that showed brazilian TV-host and top model Daniela Cicarelli (ex-wife of soccer player Ronaldo) having sex on the beach with her new boyfriend. The original video was shown last September on You Tube, but deleted that same day. Even after the deletion, the video was still available on various internet websites. Newspapers reported that computer networks crashed in Brazil after many users tried to send and download the video. On September 27, Malzoni (the boyfriend) and Cicarelli were granted an injunction by Sao Paulo state supreme court against YouTube - and this led to an 24-hour suspension of You Tube in Brazil this last week... You can read abouth all these recent events in the New York Times and watch the kinky video here.

Parody-commercial shows a very similar video, with the same scenes, but with a couple of mosquitos doing the same things everyone saw Ms. Cicarelli doing with the boyfriend on the beach. This was made with the goal of educate about the dengue fever, a virus which can by hosted by the Aedes Aegypti, a mosquito specie found at Brasil.
The final message says: "The dengue mosquito reproduces in water. Remove standing water from discarded tires and bottles. Put earth in flower pots. And don't forget to cover pools and water tanks."

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