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Video: Absolut Mulit

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Mulit is the latest film in the ABSOLUT PICTURES campaign. It was filmed on location in India over the course of eight days in October 2002 and directed by Czech Ivan Zacharias. It is a love story with all the ingredients: a beautiful heroine, a dashing hero, a love that crosses the boundaries of class, a jealous antagonist, a powerful primeminister and extravagant song and dance numbers.

The ABSOLUT PICTURES campaign is based on the concept of ABSOLUT in the movies. Just as the brand is a knowing commentator on history (ABSOLUT BASTILLE), and cities (ABSOLUT CHICAGO), ABSOLUT PICTURES is an inside joke between the moviegoer and the brand about movies, Hollywood, and the conventions and movie genres we are all familiar with.

Regrettably, "Mulit" as the ABSOLUT PICTURES has been taken off Aboslut website. Absolut would like to show what is topical for their brand today and use fresh and inspiring material on absolut.com. New communication concept "In an ABSOLUT world" will be launch in few days.

Thanks Barbora.

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