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Video: Nike+ New Year's Resolution

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In an unprecedented running duel, we've pitted Maria vs. LeBron...one of them is primed for public embarrassment. If Maria runs more miles with Nike+, then she's gonna be LeBron's waterboy. And in turn, LeBron could wind up her ballboy on the court.

Yeah, it hurts when you don't fulfill your Nike+ New Year's Resolution. What's yours?

Our hapless chap is forced to ride Helga, a mechanical bull who's not so sweet. What will you do if you don't fulfill your Nike+ New Year's Resolution?

There's no going back on a New Year's resolution when Nike+ is tracking your strides. Join the community and set your personal month-long goal to kick off January 1st. You'll declare how much you'll run and just what you'll do if you don't fulfill it. To learn more about how Nike+ runs, go to http://www.nikeplus.com

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