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Comment: Smoking kills

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cigarette packages showing graphic health warnings in Australia

There is a real fighting against cigarettes and smokers in many EU countries and also in USA. Smoking isn't trendy, but unhealthy. Some countries tolerate smoking much more than others, but it's probably exception. Australia's government passed a very strict law against smokers. Every package of cigarettes must be covered by health warnings that are true and uncomfortable for smokers, labels are showing consequences of long time smoking.

Campaign against smokers in Belgium

Some companies provide their solutions how to defend rights of smokers. The Utilitin is the new fashion accessory for smokers. Available in 20 great designs, with new collections released regularly and now available for purchase online. Fashionable and functional, The Utilitin answer the need that's being driven harder and harder by government pressures on smokers.

There is also another idea how to use packages of cigarettes. E.g. as advertising place like paper cover called COVERPACK. Crazy idea? Maybe, maybe not... What's your opinion?

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