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Comment: Ideas recycling

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Probably original
Year of execution: 2003
Agency: Red Cell, Italy

Year of execution: 2004
Agency: JWT, Guatemala

Year of execution: 2005
Agency: Cheil Communications, Korea

Year of execution: 2005
Agency: McCann Malmo, Sweden

Sometimes there are several similar ideas in advertising during the year. The question is wheter it's inspired by other concept or the idea is stolen. It's used to be called "ideas recycling". I like be inspired but I hate stealing whole concept.


1 Responses to “Comment: Ideas recycling”

  1. Anonymous viktor 

    mozem vam povedat x pripadov, kedy dvaja dizajneri vymysleli obaja to iste, nezavisle od seba, bez toho aby vobec o sebe vedeli.
    spomen si Rado, jak si "vymyslel" parkour game na PS2... kde ju uz v tom case vyvijala rovnaka firma, ako Laru Croft... ;-)

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