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Social: Nutrition facts

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Nutrition facts for homeless people located on trash can. Helpthehomeless.com

Agency: BBDO, Atlanta

5 Responses to “Social: Nutrition facts”

  1. Anonymous Jeff Brooks 

    And what exactly is this supposed to motivate people to do? It looks like BBDO put the interns on the nonprofit account.

  2. Anonymous Christian Andresen 

    My art director and I did this exact same sticker campaign at Matthews/Mark for the San Diego Food Drive back in 2000. It was featured in Creativity Magazine on more than one occasion, as well as Adweek and other pubs. Funny how BBDO Atlanta is claiming all the accolades (including CA last year) for this 5 years after it was originally done. Also funny how BBDO Atlanta pulled this from other award shows after this issue was brought to their attention. Also funny how my book (with the original campaign) made the rounds at BBDO Atlanta 2 years ago through a headhunter when I was job hunting. Coincidence? Maybe. But let's just say the url not working isn't the only fishy thing with this campaign.

  3. Anonymous markoos 

    nice. simple and effective.

  4. Anonymous Ryan berger 

    Hmmmmm. Looks a bit like this spec campaign by a couple of juniors job hunters.


  5. Anonymous yeah! 


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