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Print: Be nice to smokers

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UPDATE: I didn´t realize that copy is not in English.
So the translation is: Be nice to smokers. They won´t live as long as you.

Bravo! After a very long time I came across anti-smoking campaign that - in my opinion- works.

It is the same idea as I have had for at least a year (since I started smoking too much). Briefly: there is no way how to persuade young people not to smoke. They don´t give a fuck that there is cancer, tuberculosis etc. cause they are young and these diseases do not affect them yet. Smoking in public, smoking that affects your closest? Campaigns that point at this problem point at such an abstract thing that nobody listens to them.

Once more: there is no way. Except for... I think that for youngs there is just one solution - tell them they are wretch, fucking uncool. I know I am no Marlboro Man but if everybody treated me bad (even bad in such a good way as on these two prints) because of smoking, I would really try hard not to smoke.

Agency LG&F, Brussels

found at: houtlust

1 Responses to “Print: Be nice to smokers”

  1. Anonymous Sutefeni 

    Thank you for this! I have a very close friend who smokes one pack a day. I've been complaining and complaining to her whenever I see her, but I've yet to see her try to quit. I feel like I'm being mean to her, but I really don't want her to die early.

    Thanks again!

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