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Comment: Ad Award Categories to Avoid

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I ripped this one from the WK London blog who actually ripped it off from the AndyAwards blog. But WK London's joint Creative Director Tony Davidson is an extremely nice guy (he helped me with my master's thesis), so I won't tell you that it wasn't him, but Andy Berlin who put together this most usefull list.

Categories to avoid:
The 'it¹s a blatant lie' category.
The 'gag with the product you don't remember stuck on the end' category.
The 'The Office was a good show on British TV, let's rip it off badly' category.
The 'People playing sports around the city streets with lots of long lens shots' category.
The 'Civilization is boring, let's kill everyone and blow up the buildings' category.
The 'This only ran once and I paid for it myself' category.
The 'Ad voice at the end that explains what the fuck's been going on up until here' category.
The 'I won the lottery, look what I bought' category.
The 'I hate being in advertising and am going to pretend this is a movie' category.
The 'It's a film trailer, no it isn't, it's an ad' category.
The 'Same ad done the same way three times isn't a campaign' category.
The 'Talking animals' category.
The 'Let's come back to a not very funny joke after the pack shot' category. (aka: the reach around)
The 'Continuous piece of dialogue cutting between different people' category.
The 'One person in an empty city' category.
The 'Someone talking with someone else's voice dubbed over the top' category.
The 'Referencing our own industry' category.
The 'Long-winded, over-length and to be honest not worth it when I get to the end' category.
The 'I have no idea what this ad is saying' category.
The 'Car driving down a winding road looking like every other car category'
The 'It could be any beer' category.
The 'Special effects is the idea' category.
The 'Enter it in every category until it wins something' category.
The 'It's real video footage and then something totally unreal happens' category.
The 'Best use of people coming together to make a shape' category.
The 'Repeating an idea that's already been done' category.
The 'Gratuitous sex for no reason' category.
The 'I can see the ending coming immediately' category.
The 'Pull back to reveal' category.
The 'Short films on websites that have absolutely no relevance to the product' category.

by: Rado Grezo

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